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Career Counselling

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling helps a student to manage their journey. Career counselling has become a boon as it helps us to understand Our Vision, Interest, Abilities, Values and Personality in a lifelong development of career.

It provides you knowledge and skill so that you can make quick and correct decision with changing situation.

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Highly Qualified Counselors

Keeping in our minds the needs of today’s generation we are here with our experienced counselors who will cope up with the child to provide them with the best career guidance.

Why We Need It?

With the changing era of education policy Career Counselling is a need to create the vision of a child. The basic and major problem that we face while opting for a Career is our vision, the fear of failure, not fitting into that option, lack of knowledge, confusion. Now it’s not that case anymore. With the help of our Expert’s you can choose your dream career path and you can follow your passion.

Are you someone who’s contemplating over this in your day to day life?

  • What to choose as the flexibility and choice of subject has been increased?
  • Not satisfied with your current status?
  • Should I choose what my parents want?
  • Should I opt for the same as my friends are opting?
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Suitable Time For Career Counselling

The perfect time for a student to seek Career Counselling is during the age group of 11-16.

Students should get Career Counselling while they are in 6th grade.

Counselling should be done one year before opting for the course or the stream. It will help you outlining your potential career option.

Career Counselling From Class 6th onwards

Know what your child is capable of. The students are in a very tender age in grade 6th. However, it is necessary to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

We at Vidya Champ, look out for the cognitive abilities of the children from 6th class onwards and direct them towards a certain direction that leads to the perfect career path for them. We analyse the innate abilities of the students, help them improve in areas they lack and make their way forward for further courses.

After 10th

Counselling For Students After Class 10th

This is the time when students have to choose the professions they are interested in. However, this is a crucial time as shifting to another field thereafter becomes arduous. Also, they have numerous options of subject streams to choose from that confuse them a lot.

Vidya Champ enlightens the students with their skills and helps them choose the subjects according to their skill set. We direct the students towards the career path of their interest with our one-on- one counselling sessions.

After 10th

Counselling For Students After Class 12th

Many students have a clear vision of their professional goals after the completion of their school life. But the most crucial decision at this time becomes choosing the right university and college. Our career counselling experts guide the students to choose among the best colleges or universities and guide them about the admission process as well.

On the other hand, there are some students, who do not have an idea of their further studies. Vidya Champ also helps such students in finding the right path for their professional life and help them select colleges according to their interests and ambitions.

After 10th

How Do We Do It?

Our unique approach towards career guidance will help you select perfect stream and planning for future. We will go through three effective stages.

Step 01

Strength and Weakness

We will be having a deep communication with you and your parents in order to access your strength and weakness. This provide you an indication of your potential.

Step 02

Academic Analysis

By analyzing your academic records we will access your specific skills and traits that you hold. This will help student to fit for the right career option.

Step 03

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment measures both cognitive ability & agility. It also helps in assessing behaviour and multiple intelligence of Student. Our basic framework will analyse the response of Student and will help you in finding right career option of your choice.