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About Us

What do you call study without understanding the basics?

A hint for you; it is clearly not called Education.

But why? The idea of education is not only cramming topics of subjects but it is introduced in order to educate the minds and give you a ‘positive perspective’ of life skills.

Since knowledge and education are two separate plus broad aspects, people often confuse these two terms, but we, here at Vidya Champs, understand, interpret and make sure that the idea of education is served well to the students who are going to become the future of our nation.

Vidya Champs is a learning platform that lays down the best study material, in the forms of tests, assignments and packages. Not only this, our aim is to provide a system to the students so that they can access teaching techniques based on their benefits and requirements. We are determined to deliver lectures, study packages and proper counseling. Because, a good mind requires it all in order to match the pace of our education system and the fast-running society.

15 years of friendship of our beloved directors Mr. Narendra Singh and Mr. Ashutosh Kumar and a few years of them of witnessing inappropriate teaching in the classroom, gave birth to this company with a vision of providing personalized, appropriate and unique teaching system to the students.

Kumar and Singh were batch mates in IIT Roorkee and worked together in the education arena to prepare the best policy for the Future Champions of our Nation.

The founders of our company, as mentioned above as well, built the company because they had themselves faced difficulty due to inappropriate and primordial teaching techniques. With the extensively creative minds of our founders, the experience of our directors, and the hard work of our team members, we were able to generate an opportunity in which students would not only receive study material but an in-depth understanding of subjects as well because That’s What We Are Here For.

Narendra Singh - Director

Mr. Narendra Singh completed B. Tech. from one of India’s most prestigious institutes i.e. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He has a firm experience of 17 years in the education sector.

He was one of the key people behind the inception of Career Academy in the year 2003. Also, he is the founding member of one of the most renowned coaching institutes of Ludhiana, Gyan Setu.

Mr. Narendra Singh strongly believes that the bond between a student and a teacher is extraordinary and it plays a vital role in the personal growth of both the student and the teacher as well.

Narendra Singh Yadav

Narendra Singh Yadav

Ashutosh Kumar Lal - Director

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Lal has vast experience of 17 years in the field of education. He completed his B. Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

To share his expertise with the students, he started Career Academy in the year 2003 and since then, he has been a founding member of various reputed coaching institutes including Gyan Setu in Ludhiana.

Establishing Vidya Champ, Mr. Ashutosh says that he wants to hand over the baton of knowledge to his students through digital learning.

Director's Message

During our B. Tech degree in IIT Roorkee, we had visioned to do something productive in the field of education with which we could impart our knowledge to the youth. With this thought in mind, we started Career Academy in the year 2003.

With God’s grace, we continued to share our wisdom and experience to the young minds and worked on different projects including Gyan Setu and Skill to Education.

In 17 years, that we have given to the education sector, we felt that the authentic connection between the teachers and students is fading away. Sometimes, even the parents are unavailable to address their children’s issues. We felt that this needs to be rectified.

We wanted to set-up a platform for school-going children where they can get the solutions to their academic problems through personal interaction with our experienced teachers.

Therefore, we started Vidya Champ with a motive to help the students in every possible manner we could. This is a place where the students get a support system for all the difficulties they face in their academics. Our prime focus is to nurture each student to the extent they can with undying efforts from our side.

Vidya Champ is a platform where we focus more on one-to-one interaction rather than interaction with the mass audience. However, taking the benefits of technology and not just limiting ourselves to Punjab, we want to cater to students from all over India.

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