Career Counseling


Good counseling can become a gift for a child. An educational counselor understands the hopes, aspirations and dreams of a student and plays a vital role in helping them choose the right path to achieve those aspirations.

The counselors at Vidya Champ perform a wide array of functions including:

  • Provide counselling, instruction, and mentoring for the students struggling with social , emotional , and behavioural problem,
  • Enabling a student to succeed by identifying barriers to their learning and determining the best instructional strategies to improve their performance,
  • Promote wellness and social skills, problem solving, anger management, self-regulation, self-determination, and optimism.

Careers in the 21st Century are evolving quickly and Vidya Champ allows students to identify and adapt to these new-age professions and discover the ones that match their skills and aspirations.

Vidya Champ’s Counselor Possess these 5 Skills which will help in the holistic development of the children;

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Listening and Attending
  3. Focusing and Paraphrasing
  4. Validating and Challenging
  5. Multicultural Competencies

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